About Us

The Natural Fight Against Chronic Infection

For almost a decade, Fx Herbals has continuously formulated powerful all-natural remedies that combine potent anti-microbial herbs to aid the body’s natural fight against Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and other chronic illnesses. Individuals looking for  potent supplements that are effective in helping them return to being themselves again turn to Fx Herbals because our products have no known side effects and can consumed by the whole family.

The Bottom Line

Chronic Lyme Disease and other infections linger because traditional Western medical approaches tackle the symptoms rather than the underlying causes of persistent bacterial infections. 

Relieving chronic Lyme disease and the fatigue, pain, and chronic brain fog that comes with it requires a holistic approach to whole-body wellness. The focus of treatment should be on improving overall health and supporting the body’s natural immune response to eliminate not only the original infection but any lingering symptoms, too.  That’s where Fx Herbals comes in.

Formulated by Doctors, Powered by Nature

Fx Herbals is a revolutionary broad-spectrum natural brand formulated by a doctor who is a pioneer in the treatment of chronic illness.

There are millions of people suffering with chronic infections who are looking for a solution for the pain, brain fog, and fatigue that comes along with chronic illness.  Fx Herbals was born to provide a broad-spectrum herbal protocol that supports those people at home without any side effects.  

Every element of the Fx Herbals regimen is naturally-derived, using herbs with potent anti-microbial properties that naturally penetrate the protective cell layer – biofilm – that surrounds the bacteria present in Lyme disease and other chronic infections.

The Natural Support to Antibiotic Therapy

To penetrate the protective biofilm surrounding Lyme bacteria and kill off the disease, antibiotic doses need to be up to 1,000 times more powerful than standard.

Several herbs with strong anti-microbial properties have evolved defensive mechanisms that allow them to invade bacterial bio-film and destroy it.

Herbal therapy minimizes bacterial loads in the body making it a complementary approach in Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease management. It also boosts the body’s natural immune response to help combat fatigue, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Our signature liposomal preparation – where we encase the anti-microbial herbs in fats – boosts absorption into the lymphatic system and ensures they cross the blood-brain barrier.

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